Global Artist Collabration and the Interview with songwriter, singer : Katie Daven Thomas

I should have posted one about this long time ago, anyways I am currently working on my degrees, research and a project that i had in mind since a long time.
This project would be called the Global Artist Collaboration

Let me give you an insight on this :
The Earth is divided in political boundaries, each country has developed its art in a different way having their own special flavor. What I want to do is bring this art together, combine it together to have a piece of music, an album that will be diversified with talent from different parts of the globe.

This is possible through the internet, we have upcoming singers, musicians, producers who would be interested in getting involved in a album compilation.

This would also be helpful in research of the music therapy not only for those who need it, but also for normal people dealing from daily life problems like stress and others.

The first step is to find artists interested in this, I was lucky to meet an angelic singer, songwriter, wife and a mother living in the Dolce Vita, Italy : Katie Daven Thomas via twitter.

Katie Daven Thomas

Katie Daven Thomas, born in the Manning Ford Bruce UK on the 4th December, studied acting at the LAMDA London Academy of Dramatic Music and Art. She started her career in singing and songwriting in Italy some 14 years ago, unfortunately she had a brain hemorrhage and couldn’t continue singing due to her doctor’s advice.
You can listen to Katie Daven Thomas at her music page on

Here’s an interview with her via yahoo.

Me : Hello Katie thanks for coming, so when did you get into singing and songwriting?
Katie : I always loved music, sang once in a play at college but didn’t start singing as a career till i came to Italy 14 years ago.

Me: So that was the first time you realized the love of music, other than being a singer/songwriter did you choose anything as a back up career or were you completely dedicated into music ?
Katie : I could dance before i could walk. Music was more of a hobby, plus my husband plays real good guitar so we decided to just make extra bucks doing it.

Me: Which is your first studio recorded song ?
Katie: I Was introduced to guy in a studio who liked my voice, “toast n coffee” first song i wrote came out of there.

Me: How was your first studio session ?
Katie : Brilliant, i had so much fun and learnt so much.  If u think i had never been in a recording studio before, this was kinda amazing for me. The guy who plays drums on that song is famous in Italy and i also got to meet another very famous Italian singer.

Me: What year was this released in ?
Katie: well the song was made about 5 years ago, it was never released in a record deal way, i was doing this for fun, i get some royalties from it and thats it

Me: So, what is the aim behind your songs ?
Katie: My dream was to see a dance floor fill up when one of my songs was played, i never wanted to be famous. Anyway my dream came true with “chiudi il tuoi occhi” The clubs here loved it, watching 1000 people dancing to that is one of my happiest memories

Me: That’s great, i wish i could have been there at that time. 
Katie: Me too we could have danced.

Me: Oh yes all the way to the stars. So, how interested are you in my international artist collaboration 
Katie: Well first u need to tell me bout it.

Me: The world is huge, it has different people, religions, traditions and all that Thus are the different people, different talent, different way of expression. But on my current research, I’m interested in one quality in the art of humans that is universal When such artists come together, form a piece of art in my case a music album copyrighted under a creative commons this would be great not only for listeners, but also for therapy and other healthy uses of music and sound
Katie: Sounds really good, so how would i be able to help you?
Me: You are so talented, with experience you could help me in my current research on audio therapy and the album.

Katie: Like in hospitals?
Me: No,  i want to change that image sound therapy should not be used only for those who really need it,     I want to expose its uses for a normal person in getting a healthy lifestyle.

Me: So will you be writing any new songs soon ?
Katie: Here i still got a lot of medical stuff going on, i also have a problem with one of my eyes.I’ve got double vision the whole time! So i can help but its not something i can do fast. I’m still on a lot of medication that makes me very slow!

Katie: If u wanna a song i can do that, you just gotta say what u want the song to say.
Me: A song regarding global unity would be needed at this time.

Katie: ok will think on it.

Me: Would like to tell me about the medical condition you had ?
Katie: Happened on the 5th of august, out of no where, got myself to ER. Luckily there was a brilliant Doctor who saved my life. I am truly blessed and Thank God for each new day, I dont really wanna go into detail, and besides that’s the past this is the future!

Me: Have the doctors permitted you to sing yet ?

Katie: No, cant sing but can help other people get recognized for their talent and help people like u, with the project your setting up.

Me: Thank you Katie, for your valuable time in taking this interview with me, is there anything you’d like to add ?
Katie: Yes I’d like to say thank my twitter friends for the love n support.


This is my first step my project, I have been very luck to get have a talk with her and have her in my twitter list. You can visit Katie Daven Thomas  on twitter

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