What is twestival and my cause to help

If you’re a twitter, you must be noticing those small links twitter has on the home page. They include links to sites related to twitter like tweet-deck which is a client for twitter.
One day I came across a link to twestival
So, i clicked and came up a pretty neat, clean designed web-site with nice colors.
So what is twestival ?

Twestival is an international movement where people meet offline for one night, have fun and do some good for an important cause in the process.
Twestival Local gives cities an opportunity to select a local cause to support.
This event will be taking place in cities around the world between 10-13 September 2009.

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So, I registered my city Pune for it and forgot about it. After few days, I got many people from my city showing interest in holding a twestival for a good cause.

A leader was assigned to our team and we taking about stuff and decided to keep an event for Ishwarpuram. Ishwarpuram is a place which is 30 km from Pune. It houses around 45 children who are from the neglected and terror prone parts of Eastern Indian states like Manipur, Nagaland etc.

Their parents are victims of terrorism that is prevailing in this region for decades together.
These children are refrained from the fundamental rights of leading a normal life.
We are going to spend one day with them, the sole aim is to make them feel happy, to add more memories in their life which they will cherish throughout their life.

We are working on things now, and I will update soon on what we did.
If you want to do something good for your city, just register here.

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