Review – Logitec Premium 4-Port Usb Hub

Logitec Premium 4-Port Usb Hub

Features :
Pc/Mac compability
4 ports (USB 2.0)
Lights(dedicated to each port)
Power Adapter

Why buy ?
Here are the various reasons why you would need this hub:
1> Need for extra USB ports on your laptop/computer.
2> Normal unpowered usb hub doesn’t support some usb devices.
3> Your mobile studio workstation needs more ports (powered).

The main reason I got this hub was because it was powered, we get usb hubs for cheap but they use the power from the usb port its connected to and distributes it to the 4/8 ports. most of the usb devices work in this way, but some devices demand individual power, that’s where a powered usb helps.
I wanted to connect my nano pad, bcf 2000, key rig, and a usb mic all at the same time.
that would need 4 ports, but I’ve got a hdd, a mouse, and a fan already connected to the 3 ports out of the 4 available ports on my laptop.
I tried using a normal usb hub when whenever I connected all of the midi controllers and the usb mic together two of them would abruptly shut off.


That’s when i tried a 7$ chinese powered usb hub, this was a bad decision.
I got the logitec 4 port for about 30$ and it works wonders.
It includes a power adapter, and a usb connector. Some countries get a pouch too, I didn’t get one.

Overall this hub is really good quality and has never let me down.

Here’s an unboxing video: