Binaural Beats Experiment #9 from AVA

In this experiment, we will study the effects of binaural beats in the brain. Binaural beats are beats perceived by the brain, these can be called as phantom or ghost beats, where let’s say through oscillators, the left ear is sent a sine wave of 440 Hertz and the right is given 434 Hertz, our brain would perceive beats inside the brain with the frequency of 6 hertz (440-434).
For the experiment, the participants have to download a stereo audio file an listen to the same on stereo headphones, any headphones having separate left and right channels would do, this is important as the beats would not be perceived unless the left and right ear get two different stimuli.
In the track provided, the left channel has a since wave of 50 hertz and the right has 54 hertz.
Please download the file and leave your experience and feedback, it is highly appreciated.
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