Tried and tested ways to earn online :

It sounds easy, earning money online, but it does take a considerable amount of patience to earn $ from the internet. Most companies advertise telling you that you’ll earn money doing the tasks you do daily, but a large portion of the make money online web sites end up fooling you.
So i decided to give it a try, I’ve tried a lot and here’s what i think of earning money online. Earning online include ways like paid to click, paid to surf, paid to review, paid to socialize, the list goes on.

New Sites: On most of the surf exchange websites, you’ll come across attractively advertised money making schemes, when its a new website never think of investing in it. I’ve not invested in a single website just to check.
Bookmarking helps a lot I mostly use firefox where i place shortcuts to the many websites so i don’t forget any.
Out of all the sites I’ve tried till now most of them (new) paid me once and at the most thrice, but after than they tend to loose their stability. Most end up with a ddos attack, database corruption, which is subjective, but that’s how i would size up the new comers in the online money making biz.

Old sites: There are many old players out there, these are reliable and will pay you. What you need in order to get a big amount from these websites is patience, marketing skill, and a hell lot of friends who will join under you.

Here’s a list of web sites which I personally think are reliable and will pay you. You must have a paypal account, lots of time and patience.
Mylot: Answer questions, discuss, ask questions and earn. Payout at 10$

Easy Hits 4 U: Surf websites, convert credits to cash/ put up your website and get hits.
Popular 1:1 Traffic Exchange

Neobux: Click on links and earn. (limit of 4 links per day) payout at 2$ increases by 1$ at every payout.

Winnla: Only at facebook, simply join, be fan of sponsors, submit tickets, get lucky!

Good luck making money online!